Hushed Commotion Bridal Accessories for 2014

Hushed Commotion Bridal Accessories for 2014


clara by hushed commotion


Now that I’ve had Dress for the Wedding for almost 2 years, I’ve come to look forward to the exciting cycle of new creations that happen with each season. This weekend’s time change was already a little touch of spring, and another very welcome spring delight came in the form of a peek at the lookbook for 2014 from Hushed Commotion by designer Thea Bloch-Neal.  Hushed Commotion was one of the first bridal accessory lines I featured when I started DFTW, and is listed a part of The Collection. Seeing the pieces Thea creates along with this beautiful imagery by Jen Huang  is always such a delight each season, and I now look forward to  that ritual as much as I enjoy seeing the flowers bloom and buds return to the trees!  I always marvel at the way her diaphanous creations seem to just add the right delicate touch. In fact, these are perfect accessory partners to the Rebecca Schoneveld and Sarah Janks bridal collections I’ve featured here in the past. Veils, sashes, and the perfect headpieces– no matter what little touch your wedding look might need, Hushed Commotion is sure to have the perfect piece!  Here are a few of my personal favorites.

andy by hushed commotion blusher veil


adair belt


blythe bridal headband hushed commotion


callan headpiece by hushed commotion


callan with veil by hushed commotion

Callan with Veil

blusher veil with gold dots campbell by hushed commotion


retro feather comb with blush by hushed commotion


Images by Jen Huang / Hair & Makeup by Jess Wilcox / Dresses by Rebecca Schoneveld and Sarah Janks  Model: Paulina Shafir

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