Floral Dresses (Part Two)

Floral Dresses (Part Two)



Shown: Water Garden Dress from ModCloth.com

I mentioned the other day that I had accidentally collected so many floral dresses on Polyvore, that I couldn’t find a way to show them all. They were just so pretty, I got carried away.

Today, I think I’ve found a way to show you the entire collection. Gotta love a little widget like this one!  I’ve always avoided using this in the past, because the images are just so darn small, but I guess they’ll do the trick.

If you scan through this little carousel below, and you should be able to see them all — teeny as they are. If you see something you like,  you can verify that you really do like it by clicking through to Polyvore. This will show you what it looks like in a more normal size and where you can buy it.

I hope this will prove that florals aren’t just for toddlers or grandmothers anymore! Enjoy!



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