Ladylike Neutrals : Reiss Dress – Just Like Kate

Ladylike Taupe Reiss Dress


Ladylike Neutrals - Dress For The Wedding


Ladylike Reiss Dress for a Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago I was on Newbury Street in Boston, and I had the chance to see this beautiful lace Reiss dress in person. It’s really a beautiful color that can look gray, blush, or taupe depending on how you accessorize it.

When I see a dress from Reiss I start to think of you know who. (You know who = HRH, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and I feel like I suddenly talk about her a lot on this blog). When Kate is being extra ladylike (i.e., posing for engagement photos, meeting the President of the United States, being herself on a Tuesday) she chooses to wear a Reiss dress, so you know their dresses are truly elegance personified.

With the right accessories, I think this would be lovely to wear if you’re a wedding guest at a semi-formal late afternoon or evening cocktail reception. However, because of the lace and the light neutral color, I also think it’s really a special dress that would be more ideal for a bride to wear to her own shower, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner, to help her stand apart by looking regal, ladylike, and more than a little graceful; just like Kate Middleton. And, of course, the lovely lady who wears this ensemble will even have Pippa by her side with this Pippa Small bracelet on her wrist.

Truly, one cannot go wrong these days in fashion by emulating HRH Kate, so go ahead and be ladylike (or Duchess-like) and follow  her impeccable style.

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