Bridal Earrings

Bridal Earrings

One of the accessories that eluded me the most when I was looking for details for my wedding, was the perfect pair of bridal earrings. So that you won’t run into the same trouble, I’ve picked 8 beautifully bold statement earrings that will be a stunning accent to any bride’s look.

Earrings for Brides

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Earrings for a Bride to Be

So, yep, with all the things one has to find for a wedding, earrings for my wedding was one of the hardest searches I had. I found the dress after 3 tries, but the earrings were much harder.  There were a few family pieces that I could have worn, but because my dress was a simple strapless dress, and I was wearing my hair down, I wanted either a statement necklace or big earrings to stand out against my hair, and to accent that type of wide open neckline.

I don’t know if it was just that the style I was after wasn’t in that year, or that I wasn’t searching the right way, but everything I seemed to find were subtly sized pearl or diamond drops, or overly big and gaudy huge chandelier earrings with what I can only describe as having weird shapes that looked like those  scale symbols you see to signify a pawn shop. I ended up buying about 7 pairs of earrings. Some were too ornate and involved, while others were just too tiny when I saw them in person.  I finally found a pair that I liked, that were very similar to style #8 up there. I’d probably now go with something like #5, or #1, or #6 ( ok, or maybe all of them!) but I couldn’t find anything like most of these earrings at the time.

Once I got a veil, and tried putting the whole look together, I decided my chosen chandelier earrings were too big — so I planned to wear a more demure pair for walking down the aisle. While they were pretty up-close, in the photos they looked barely-there and way too subtle. I also didn’t love how I looked in my veil, but I felt like I had to wear one of the classic style veils to look officially “bridal” . Now, I would definitely listen to my instincts and pick a headpiece in a scale that was more me.

You’ve heard how some brides change into a different dress for dancing ? Well, mid-reception, I took off my veil, and changed into bigger accessories: a crystal bracelet and crystal chandelier earrings. I felt so much more like “me” when I changed, I liked how in those photos, and generally looked like the bride I wanted to be.

It seems a little silly to have a life lesson about something like bridal earrings, but if you tend to wear very simple and small pieces like I do, and know you want to kick it up a notch with some statement jewelry for your wedding day, my advice  to go with something a little bigger and more eye catching than you’d think – especially if your dress is simple. There are certainly dresses and pairings of accessories where simple pearls and or diamond studs would be the best choice ( for instance, if you have a standout neckline, or a dress with some big detail, or you want a very simple look)  but just like I needed to wear a little more lipstick and have my hair more done than usual, it turned out wearing a pair of truly special bridal earrings was what I needed for a little more oomph to my bridal style.

Earrings for Weddings

If you’re still on the search, I’ve picked out some bridal pieces in the bridal accessory shop, and I recently did a post about bridal clutches. Or perhaps you’d like to start searching for your dream wedding dress!

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  1. I totally agree about going bigger than you think for your bridal jewelry! I thought I had gone overly large for my earrings but ended up being glad as at least you can see them in the photos. Dying over pair #1!

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