Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green

I thought we could use some refreshment today in the form of the yellow and green hues of lemon and lime.  These colors are perfect to wear to bridal showers, or daytime casual weddings, or to add some key details if your wedding colors and yellow and green.  Here are my picks for the freshest lemon and lime items!

Yellow and Green

Get the Lemon and Lime look:

1.  Jewelmint Tatiana Earrings 2.  Neon Yellow Teardrop Earrings by Jewelmint   3.  Veer Bright Dress by ModCloth  4. A Fresh Direction Dress 5. Clare Vivier Green Basket Weave Flat Clutch   6. The Precious Gem Clutch in Lemon Yellow 7. Turning Point Sandals – Yellow Suede  8.Lime and Again Heel


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