Taupe Mother of the Bride Dresses

Taupe Mother of the Bride Dresses

Whether you call it beige, taupe, putty, tan, or champagne, there is a wide range of this tannish-grayish neutral color that seems well-suited to mother-of the-bride dresses.  The color is elegant, blends with nearly any other color, and can be accessorized almost any way– gold, silver, platinum, bronze and pearl jewelry all look great against this serene backdrop. The only caution is to make sure the dress isn’t too light, or too bridal, and no matter what color you choose, it’s always good to get the bride’s approval beforehand!

I had a request for some ideas for a non-traditional taupe/champagne/blush colored mother of the bride dress, with some lace detail so I’ve collected a few of those below. Some are formal with a few that are cocktail length.



Update: Hi, Mothers of the Bride! This page was created when I first wrote the blog, and it looks a little sparse and worse for wear! All the dresses I showed back last year are probably out of stock, and my ability to design better layouts and find pretty dresses has expanded little more, too! To help you find a taupe dress,  I’m adding this shoppable  selection of mother of the bride dresses that I’ve selected from various retailers.  If you’d like to see how the post used to look, it’s still below, as you’ll see  it’s not as fancy as some of our newer posts.  

By the way, I just learned Talbots, has a beautiful collection of mother of the bride dresses now, too ( they are called Aisle Style)! The styles come in many colors, including this taupe one.

Camille Dress from Coast

Sue Wong Beige Gown

Sue Wong Embroidered Gown

Alex Evenings Sequin Lace Overlay Dress

See some other Taupe Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses.

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