Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

How To Mismatch Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

 Mismatched neutral bridesmaid dressesSee details on these Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses looks below!

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Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses
I can remember when the mismatched bridesmaid dress look was a rarity, and the matched color and uniform style of matched bridesmaid dresses — down to the same dye lot — was everywhere. Now, times have changed because the mismatched trend is not only still in style, but very much here to stay. It’s to the point where I almost can’t remember the last time I saw an exactly matched set of dresses!  Today, I’m going to show you some ideas for how to mismatch neutral bridesmaid dresses, because these soothing tones are so popular right now, and always make for a beautiful look for any season. We’ll tackle how to match and mismatch soft hues like cream, champagne, mocha, and taupe, with a little blush, gold, sequin, and beading thrown in! But first, since the dresses shown as the examples in this post are a few years old, have a look at the newest picks for neutral bridesmaid dresses to mix and match.

New Picks for Mismatched Dresses!
How to Mix and Match Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Long neutral bridesmaid dresses

Some of my favorite formal-length neutral bridesmaid dresses

Top row: 1. Amsale One Shoulder Crinkled Silk Gown in Champagne  at Nordstrom 2. Watters ‘Iman’  in French Vanilla (also see Luxe Mink) 3. Joanna August DC Dress in Champagne Long Lace at  4. Amsale Ruffled Detail Crinkled Silk Gown at Nordstrom

Middle row: 1. Jenny Yoo ‘Vivienne’ Pleated Gown in Champagne at Nordstrom 2. Jim Hjelm 5414 One Shoulder Gown in Cashmere  3. Lela Rose Style LR200 in Palomino  4. Jim Hjelm Style 5430 in Champagne

Bottom row: 1.  ML Monique Lhuillier Gown in Sand at Nordstrom 2. Dessy Style 2874 in Topaz  3. Jim Hjelm Style 5378 in Mink (out of stock)  4. Style 6613 in Cappuccino From After Six

The first step is to figure out what type of mismatch you want. You may want to take into account how many bridesmaids you have, the wedding location, and the length of dress you’d like them to wear and the degree to which you want the mismatch. As I mentioned in those other mismatched look posts ( Pink, Navy and Coral, and Kate Spade Inspired), if you want a mismatched look that allows your bridesmaids to pick a style that suits them, but doesn’t make it vague about what color you want,  you can do what I consider the easiest mismatch: the ‘simple’ mismatch, if you will. With the ‘simple’ mismatch, just pick a dress color or fabric you like and allow your maids to pick from a handful of styles that you approve of.  This method allows everyone to get a style they like without too much hassle and pretty results. You can vary the neckline, skirt length and bodice style.  Most bridesmaid boutiques will have all of these options for you, will do an excellent job with offering ideas for other dresses.

Short Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses to Mix and Match

Short neutral bridesmaid dresses in champagne and taupeCocktail Length Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses: Top: 1. Alfred Sung D468 (No longer in production, but other new styles are here 2. Lela Rose LR189 (No longer available but updated styles are here) 3. Alfred Sung Style D568 in Sateen Twill Palomino  4. Jim Hjelm Lace Dress 5380 in Champagne Lace  (No longer available)

Bottom: Lela Rose LR178 in Palomino   2. Jim Hjelm 5358 in Crinkle Chiffon in Toffee (No longer available) 3. Watters Style ‘Julep’ in Luxe Mink (No longer available) 4. Wtoo Style 497 in Cappuccino (Not longer in stock) Check out more Watters dresses here

The next step up from that would be what I call the ‘ombre’ mismatch. With this type of mismatch,  one might pick the general style of dress, and a fabric from a single designer that has a range of colors very close to one another or that compliment each other in some way. The bridesmaids dress brands at Nordstrom are great for this, or  you can go to places like Bella Bridesmaid.  also have tons of  color swatches to pick from.  Pick 2-3 hues you like and have your bridesmaids chose between them, and break up the colors so that they are evenly distributed between all the bridesmaids. With this look you’ll generally keep the fabric type the same, but the necklines, dress styles, and of course the colors will vary.  This is a little more complex, but breaks up the color and looks pretty.

Mismatched Sequined and Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses

sequined and beaded dresses

Some of my favorite Sparkly Neutral Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses! Affiliate links are used.

1. Badgley Mischka ‘Twist it Out’ Gown at Rent the Runway 2. Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown 3. Gold Badgley Mischka ‘Night at the Oscars’ Gown from Rent the Runway 4.  Adrianna Papell Beaded Chiffon Blouson Gown  5. Also check out all the beaded bridesmaid dresses at Adrianna Papell, which are perfect for this look.

Row 2:  1. Aidan Mattox Illusion Yoke Sequin Gown (Out of stock) 2. Badgley Mischka ‘Glisten Up’ Gown at Rent the Runway 3. Adrianna Papell One Shoulder Beaded Dress 4. Aidan Mattox Embellished Lace Blouson Gown

Artfully Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The artful mismatch is the one that is the most complex to get right, and also looks the most mismatched.  This look appears as though you’ve just said to your bridesmaids, “please wear a a cream or taupe dress” — and I’m sure some brides have been able to simply ask for that have it all work out, but I suspect for the wedding parties that perfectly mismatched, there’s actually some significant planning to make sure the shades have some variation but also look cohesive.  If you go for this look,  I’d think about it almost like you’d approach a home decorating project; just as a room usually has different textures and colors and fabrics that all work together, so it goes with this look.  Neutrals are a beautiful choice for this mismatch, because the soft, muted hues are forgiving if they don’t exactly blend, and one can unusually find a stunning pattern or sequined or beaded gown that will tie some of the other dresses together and make the whole look work.

So if you go for this look, the fabric doesn’t need to match, the style of dress doesn’t need to match, but there just has to be a pleasing blend of colors, without too many colors of the same hue.  Think of having choosing a few of the solid color dresses above, then perhaps add in a few textured, like lace or a sheer fabric, and then a few beaded, and make sure the beaded or printed dress tie in with other dresses (For instance, if you have a champagne dress, and a deeper taupe gray gown, find a printed or beaded gown with a bit of champagne in the background, and taupe in the beading to tie it all in.)

Steps to the Mismatched Look


How to mismatch neutral bridesmaid dresses

Examples of the artful mismatch.

Group 1:  Amsale One Shoulder Crinkled Silk Gown  / adgley Mischka ‘Glisten Up’ Gown at Rent the Runway   /  Jim Hjelm 5414  / Jim Hjelm Style 5378 in Mink  (Links removed for out of stock products)

Group 2:  Amsale Ruffled Detail Crinkled Silk Gown / Jim Hjelm Style 5430 in Champagne / Jenny Yoo ‘Vivienne’ Pleated Gown in Champagne 

Group 3: Lela Rose LR189  / Jim Hjelm Lace Dress 5380 / Lela Rose LR178 in Palomino / Lela Rose Style LR200 in Palomino  Group 4: Joanna August DC Dress in Champagne Long Lace / Adrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown / Style 6613 in Cappuccino  / Amsale Ruffled  Silk Gown

To make sure you like the look all together, my suggestion is to pick a few dresses you like and either using Pinterest, (or PowerPoint, like I use) and play around with grouping these dresses together. Then,  you’ll want to either go to the store or boutique or order them all online and get them together make sure they all work in person. If you like the look – you’ve found your dresses! Boutiques are very used to assisting with this mismatched trend by now, so if you tell them your color palette they’ll probably be happy to help!  I’ve included some of my favorite neutral bridesmaid dresses both short, long, and sequined here to get you started.

So if any of these dresses strike your fancy, remember – you can either pick other dresses of that same color in a different style, or start mixing colors, or mix everything!  It’s a beautiful look that allows the unique personality of your wedding and your bridesmaids to shine through.

Wondering where to shop? In addition to the stores I mentioned above, my affiliated sponsors  BHLDN, and Nordstrom, are some of my favorite online sources for bridesmaid dresses.

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