Wedding Dress Preview: Rosa Clará 2014

2014 Wedding dresses by Rosa Clará

Rosa Clara Wedding Dress

Camila by Rosa Clará

Wedding Dress Preview: Rosa Clará 2014

If you’re a bride-to-be or a wedding aficionado, perhaps you’ve been taken by images you may have seen of Rosa Clará ‘s collection of wedding dresses.  As you may know, Rosa Clará  is one of the (if not the) top bridal companies in Spain, and is known for the most elegant, sophisticated, and pristine wedding dresses imaginable.

Previously, pictures of these gowns often served mainly as inspiration for North American brides; because they were only available in limited areas of North America for the past four years, and primarily found in Europe.  My trip to the Couture Show this past bridal market revealed wonderful news — Rosa Clará will now be expanding availability within their North American markets.

I’m so pleased to be able to bring you this preview of the Rosa Clará 2014 Collection. If you’re a newcomer to the brand, I’m sure you’ll soon be adding Rosa Clará wedding dresses to your list of dream bridal gowns.


Rosa Clara Candela 227Candela

Carmona Rosa Clara 140Carmona

Cadaques 2015 Rosa ClaraCadaques

Carisma 235 Rosa ClaraCarisma

Cairo Rosa ClaraCairo*

(*Available in Europe only)

Claudia Rosa ClaraClaudia

Canada Rosa ClaraCanada*

Caceres Rosa ClaraCaceres*

Cadete Back Rosa ClaraCadete

Calesa Wedding Dress by Rosa ClaraCalesa*

Camerun by Rosa Clara Wedding DressesCamerun

Campana by Rosa ClaraCampara

Caoba By Rosa Clara Wedding DressesCaoba

Calima Wedding Gown by Rosa ClaraCalima


Rosa Clará Collections

Aren’t they completely elegant ? Happily, the Rosa Clará line also includes Two by Rosa Clara – a collection of detailed lace and beadwork; Soft by Rosa Clara,  the light, airy gowns for romantic or destination weddings; Aire Barcelona – capturing a youthful spirit and fashion-forward bridal look, AlmaNovia, a large collection of different styles from the classic to the current trending styles, Lunanovias, an accessibly-priced line of wedding gowns in the classic Rosa Clará style, and Rosa Clará Cocktail for mothers and wedding guests. There is also a complete line of accessories including some of the tops and lace overlays you see with the gowns. Now that these dresses are available to us, you’ll be seeing more of this line from me!

To find the North American wedding boutique that carries the Rosa Clará Collection visit their store locator. Rosa Clará, is also available in many international markets.

Note: * denotes Rosa Clara wedding dresses that are only available in European markets.

Rosa Clará



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