Top 5 Wedding Dresses from Modern Trousseau Spring 2015

As I mentioned in my Bridal Market recap, Modern Trousseau was one of the first Spring Collections I saw this market, and what a way to start things off!  Here are my Top 5 wedding dresses from Modern Trousseau Spring 2015.

BRYTON bridal gown by Modern Trousseau

Bryton.  This big bow had my heart immediately. Then consider the bateau lace neckline that follows the V of the back, and this dress instantly became one the standouts of Spring 2015 for me.

HARMONY bridal gown by Modern Trousseau

Harmony. The delicate dots  of Point d’Esprit  fabric with lace embroidered details make this a romantic, light gown that undoubtedly suit many summer brides.

EDIE bridal gown by Modern Trousseau

Edie. A Beautiful Italian lace ballgown…with pockets. Need I say more?

LOGAN bridal gown by Modern Trousseau

Logan. From the front, Logan looks like a classic  strapless organza gown — and she is — but wait until you see the flared ruffle in the back. A rare beauty!

MILA bridal gown by Modern Trousseau

Mila. I will never tire of a lace bateau neckline with cap sleeves. The fact that this gown also has a full tulle skirt and a delicate sweetheart bodice makes it a timeless choice.

For more details including a list of boutiques that carry the Modern Trousseau Collections visit Modern Trousseau at

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Bridal Market 2014 Recap: Day 1

Modern Trousseau Dresses at Bridal Market

I’ve been promising this for so long, and it’s finally here! This past week, I had the chance to go to New York for the second time to attend Bridal Market, or New York International Bridal Fashion Week. It’s called so many different things  depending on where you’re exhibiting and what collection you’re showing ( Fall 2014 or Spring 2015) that I need a spreadsheet for the hashtags at this point.  Most attendees simply call it “market” for short. It essentially consists of 4-5 days of wedding fashion found at the The Knot Couture Show, and New York International Bridal Week Show, plus private events and fashion shows around the city.  This year, I attended more private showings and runway events which is fun as a lifelong fashion fan. It feels like a real “pinch-me”  moment to sit at these runways, but I also really love out on getting to chat one-on-one with some of the brands and designers.

I arrived on Friday around 1 pm,  and Market was already in full swing, especially because many of the designers who usually show on Sunday or Monday, had exhibited on Thursday. I missed Theia, but I have the official pictures at least, so I can’t wait to show you that collection.  I tried to make it to the Piers ( aka Pier 92/94 where the New York International Bridal Week venue is) , but the President was in town, and traffic was more snarled than usual, so the cab driver and I decided I should bail out of that idea and off I went to my first appointment at Modern Trousseau!

Modern Trousseau New York

The Modern Trousseau flagship is on 7th Avenue, and is a beautiful boutique managed by the wonderful Nicole. She immediately and graciously offered me a mimosa, which I took even though it hadn’t been a hard day yet at all. I took a seat in the luxe surroundings as Callie Tein, Modern Trousseau’s designer, walked us through her inspiration for the Spring 2015 Collection.

Bridal Market Modern Trousseau Gown

Scout with matching veil

It was fascinating to hear her speak about what inspires her.  The gowns this season had such distinct personalities to them, but still were part of such a cohesive, romantic look. Tein reflected on how she was drew inspiration from a variety of areas: new fabrics, subtle use color, new cotton laces, and ideas that she had been wanting to translate into wedding gowns for some time. In a point that was especially close to my own heart and generation, Tein also spoke about taking some of the elements she loved about 1980s fashion, and toning it down and making it classic. For instance, one of my favorite gowns — Bryton– features a big bow. For those who may not remember so vividly, the over-sized bow was once a staple of the over-the-top ’80s style, but with this new scale it makes a classic statement and also makes the delicate waist of this gown even smaller.

Bryton at Modern Trousseau


Modern Trousseau Gowns


Another interesting detail for me was how Tein will take a pattern from the lace in the dress, and echo that detail in one of the custom veils. It expands the overall design in such a wonderful way. She also tells us how satisfying it is to have an idea that she has been toying with finally come to fruition in these gowns.  I realized this last year, but after this conversation I realized once again how meeting the designers in person is such a great experience, because you actually see the good, kind people, and creative minds who make these dresses happen at work. It gives such personal dimension to the dress, and I love being able to pass along to my readers what wonderful, genuine, talented people are behind these gowns!  I’ve really noticed that cheerful people make beautiful things!

Back Detail


After that fun start to the weekend, I headed to the hotel to meet with my friend and her co-worker before they headed to that night’s Yankees/Red Sox game. This Red Sox fan had to forgo the game in order to get a good night’s rest for a packed Saturday schedule and the first show of the morning: Watters! See you tomorrow for more!

Visit Modern Trousseau ( for more details on their Spring 2015 Collection. Stay tuned for official images and my picks for the top 5 dresses from their Spring 2015 Collection!

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Sale at Shopbop

Hi everyone! I’m finally back from bridal market and just downloading images, organizing my notes, and following up on my social media posts ( Instagram was down in the midst of bridal market, so I have lots more behind-the-scenes looks to post!)  Bear with me just a few hours more and I promise I’ll have some of the prettiest dresses you ever did see!

As much as I loved what I saw last year, this season’s collection across the board was really spectacular! So many collections showed such a new direction and polish to them.  Every designer really brought their A-game; I guess the long winter was productive! I can’t wait to show you the trends and the amazing collections I saw!

For now, as I get myself organized, I just wanted to pass along this shopping tip! Dress for the Wedding sponsor Shopbop is having their Spring Sale. That means 25% off both sale and full-priced items!  You know that I’m a huge fan of their Wedding Boutique, and their newest collections of cocktail dresses aren’t to be missed either!  Where else will you be able to get a Badgely Mischka Shoes and Dresses,  this amazing Marchesa gown, or a wedding dress for 25% off? If you’ve had your eye on this Katie May wedding dress I featured, or this Periwinkle Shoshanna dress, now is the time to get them! Use code INTHEFAMILY14 to get the discount. The sale runs tomorrow through midnight, so hurry! Shopbop is a sponsor and retail partner of Dress for the Wedding. Be back soon with the bridal market details!

Shopbop Sale Dresses

1. Shoshanna Lace Sierra Dress   2. Marchesa Notte Dress  3.  4.Collective Flirty Pink Dress 4. Blaque Label Pleated Dress 5. Parker Anna Dress


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Spring is here!coral pink lace dress


Laundry by Shelli Segal Coral V-Neck Fit + Flare Dress

Hi, everyone! Spring is finally really here. Just a week ago I was wearing my down coat trying to keep warm in NH, but this weekend with temps in the 70s, it will be time for light tops and dresses. I actually had packed everything  for my NYC trip last week when the temperatures were still in the 50s, and then today felt like it was all too wintery and drear, and had to quickly do some spring-time shopping for my trip to Bridal Market in New York.  Now I’m completely in the mood for light dresses like the one above. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic engagement party dress, or just a welcome addtion to your spring wardrobe? Before I go away for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with a bit of entertainment and show you some posts you may not have seen yet:

If you’re like me and found yourself suddenly in need of spring dresses and clothes find some great spring dresses here!

As always, I’ve been doing lots of ideas for what to wear to a wedding.  If you’re heading to a wedding soon, don’t miss them!

If you’re planning a fall wedding, it’s already time to have your bridesmaid dresses ordered. Check out The Collection for some of my favorites bridesmaid dress designers.

If you’re a Mother of the Bride or Groom for a summer wedding, you still have time for some dresses, so check out some posts, and the shop!

Wondering what the heck Bridal Market is? Here’s some of my Bridal Market coverage from last year, as well as a great explanation by Burnett’s Boards.

I’m really excited to go to Bridal Market again this year; especially now that I know what to expect.  I have made some great appointments to see lines I know you’ll love! I’m also looking forward to the surprises. For instance; what will the big trend be this season?  What colors will we see in bridesmaid dresses? What new lines and designers might I have the chance to meet? It’s pretty exciting to think that 2015 brides will have all sorts of new looks to chose from.

Last year it was lots of lace ( there’s always lace where wedding dresses are involved, but there was even more than usual) beading, color, and cap-sleeve gowns, asymmetric necklines, and back details.  This year, I have no idea what to expect, but I’m seeing hints that dropped waists, backless gowns, and even more ranges of color, and rich brocades might be happening. I’ll let you know if I’m even close! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see all the photos as I take them!

I’ll leave you tonight with a  preview image of a pretty beaded gown that just arrived from Theia’s Spring 2015 White Collection.  Meet Kate!

Kate Theia 2015 Collection

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Blue Lace Dress

Blue Lace Dress

Vera Wang Tulum Waters Lace Sheath DressErickson Beamon Aerin gold-plated Swarovski crystal drop earrings |  Navy Sorceress Bracelet at Baublebar  | Rafe Mary Alice Ombre Clutch | Pelle Moda Kacey Sandal 

Today’s fresh blue dress is inspired by the Atlantic waters I find myself near this morning. This Tulum Water Dress is undoubtedly inspired more my the colors of the Gulf of Mexico, but the pretty shades of blue and green in any ocean will always be beautiful to me!  I’m still on my Rent the Runway kick with this dress selection and you will be too when you see the reviews and real-life examples of the ladies who wore this dress — they rave about it! This color and style is great for spring and summer semi-formal wedding guest wear, or for a bride to wear as her something blue for her rehearsal dinner. This beautiful blue color is a nice, bright alternative to the little black dress. I originally put this with navy and cobalt accessories, which worked too, but for spring I decided a little bright sea green color was nice! Until the next outfit! Enjoy!


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