Emerald Green Bridesmaids Dress and Lime Green Accessories

Emerald Green and Bright Lime

emerald green and lime green

Aria Bridesmaids Dress Style 107 in Leaf Silk Shantung / Moise Periodot Light Green Earrings / Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Crystal Bracelet / Manolo Blahnik Chaos in GreenStatement of the Art Necklace in Peacock

Emerald Green and Tender Shoots Green

For our final look in the Dress to be WEDnesday series, KristynJennifer from LiveEventfully and I agree that tone-on-tone looks are also a big trend this season. Rather than being completely matchy and monochromatic, the approach takes different variations of the color and layers in the same color family. If you want to have emerald as a wedding color but also want to make it light and fun enough for summer or spring, adding lime green is a great option.We love how a light lime green looks with emerald, giving brightness to what can be sometimes be thought of as  a dark, wintry color.  In fact, on of the other Pantone colors of the year is “Tender Shoots” which is a light spring green. So, if you pair the two,you’ll have not one but two “of the moment” colors.

Hope you have enjoy our take on how to dress up with the color of the year. Read other Dress to be WEDnesday posts  like this one  and this one, or Meet KristynJennifer!

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