Mint Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mint Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastels will forever have a place in wedding attire, and the soothing pale green shade of mint has been a mainstay of wedding colors for several years now. Perhaps one reason for its longevity is, in addition to being a soothing shade,  it seemingly evolves slightly each season. Many of this year’s mint dresses are in barely-there shades of green with more soft gray and blue undertones mixed in than previous seasons. These dresses are available in new dressy jersey fabrics, matte silks, crepes, and embellished styles. Because mint is available from many bridesmaid dress collections and in such array of fabrics, using mint as your bridesmaid dress color  is a great starting point for creating a mismatched look.

Mint bridesmaid dresses 2Top:   Jenny Yoo ‘Annabelle’ Dress in  Seaglass  // Adrianna Papell Beaded Chiffon Dress in Mist   // Joanna August 8th Avenue Long in “I Want Candy”  //Adrianna Papell Beaded Mesh Blouson Gown in Mist Links in italics and in the shop section are from affiliates and sponsors.

Bottom:Monique Lhuillier Convertible Halter Gown in Mint  – see more Monique Lhuillier Gowns in Mint // J.Crew Heidi Dress in Dusty Shale // J.Crew Matte Crepe Dress in Dusty Shale   //Amsale Illusion Yoke Gown in Mint. For more looks also try J.Crew’s Sea Spray, Bright Seaside, //  Also try Donna Morgan’s shades of Spearmint, Beachglass, or Gulfstream. 

This post is near and dear to my heart, because a minty light blue was the color I chose (after a big search) for my own bridesmaid dresses. I wanted a mint that would be somewhere between a pale green, pale blue, with a little gray thrown in, and actually had to dye my dresses to get it! (Where were J.Crew’s perfect shades of Dusty Shale, or Sea Spray when I needed them? 5 years in the future –that’s where!)

The mismatched bridesmaid dress posts I’ve done thus far have been very popular, so I have to assume many of you are visual like I am, and find these boards helpful to try to convey your mint mismatched look to your wedding party. I find it really helps to put images next to each other to see what look might work best before making a purchase. I suggest playing around with a few looks either by taking images and making a collage like I do, or moving pins next to each other on Pinterest to get some ideas. Then just let your bridesmaids know which shade you like, and how much mix you want in your mismatch!

Each of the lines I’m showing have many dress options beyond what is shown  here, so that you can really customize the silhouettes. Try the Jenny Yoo dress for an easy-convertible style that will give you several looks with one dress. If you want a range of colors lengths and and styles, Donna Morgan is perfect choice, as is J.Crew and Joanna August with their modern options. For sophisticated elegance, try Amsale or Monique Lhuillier.  And, as always, you can add a little sparkle with beaded gowns from Adrianna Papell.

mix and match short mint bridesmaid dresses

J.Crew Dresses in Dusty Shale

Here’s one idea above for a “simple” mismatch with cocktail length dresses in ‘Dusty Shale’, mixing necklines in the same color range.   For more styles – especially shorter options or brighter shades — try J.Crew’s Sea Spray, Bright Seaside, or  Donna Morgan’s shades of Spearmint, Beachglass, or Gulfstream.

Mix and match mint bridesmaid dresses

Top (Color Mix):   1:  Audrey by Donna Morgan in Beachglass    2: Audrey by Donna Morgan in Spearmint 3: Jenny Yoo “Aiden” in Ciel Blue  

Middle (Neckline Mix):  1. DC Halter Wrap  2. Dani Dress 3. Dorian Dress in “I Want Candy” by Joanna August  ( Also at Weddington Way

Bottom ( Texture Mix) :  1. Adrianna Papell Beaded Chiffon Dress in Mist    2. Jenny Yoo “Aiden” in Ciel Blue  3. DC Halter Wrap by Joanna August in “I Want Candy”

I’ve highlighted some tips before on how to get the mismatched look, so I won’t go on extensively about that method, but my general tips are: 1.Go for an ombre effect with different tones; 2. mix necklines and styles; 3.add a few textures like ruffles, lace, tulle, and beading. (and 4. mix all 3 techniques!) Remember, it’s supposed to be a mismatch, and sometimes the more eclectic it is — the better! Any mix you settle on will be perfect!

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