Saja Wedding Dresses

Saja Wedding Dresses

As much as I love opulence, when it comes to weddings and wedding dresses, sometimes simplicity is best. I will always be drawn to straightforward, airy dresses that look like they are effortless to wear.

Saja Wedding Dress Style RY6999


I think many brides consider their dream dress to be a beautiful flowy gown with movement that feels natural and weightless. No one does the balance of simple forms with elegantly understated details like Saja Wedding.

I fell in love with the 2013 Collection, and the 2014 Collection is just as breathtaking.   Since I never had the chance to feature the dresses from 2013, today I have a double dose of the Saja Wedding Collection for you.  And, if you want a light airy look for your bridesmaids, and elegant accessories they have beautiful collections of those as well.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Saja Wedding 2013 Collection and the new 2014 Collection.


2014 Saja Wedding Collection

Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress by Saja 2014 Collection Style HB6365

Style HB6365

Saja 2014 AH6235

Style AH6235

Saja 2014 CH6111

Style CH6111

Saja 2014 Wedding Dresses HB6633

Style HB6633

Saja Wedding Dress 2014 Collection AH6235

Style AH6235

Saja Wedding Dress 2014 RC6257

Style RC6257

Saja Wedding Dresses 2014 Style CH6300

Style CH6300

Saja Wedding Dresses Style HB6365

Style HB6365

Saja Wedding Dresses Style HB6633

Style HB6633

Saja Wedding Dress 2014 Style CH6111

Style CH6111

Saja Wedding Dresses Style RY6999 2014 Full Length

Style RY6999

Saja Wedding Dresses Style RC6257

Style RC6257

Saja Wedding 2013


Illlusion Neckline Wedding Dress by Saja Style FL6290

Style FL6290

Saja Wedding Dresses Style CR6380

Style CR6380

Saja Wedding Dresses Style LD6015 close

Style FL6290

Saja 2013 Collection LD6015

Style LD6015

Saja One Shoulder Wedding Dress Style RC6225

Style RC6225

Saja Wedding Dress AH6200

 Style AH6200

Saja Wedding Dresses Style AH6200

Style AH6200

Saja Wedding Dresses Style DC6500 r

Style DC6500

Saja Wedding Dresses Style DC6500

Style DC6500

Short Sleeve Wedding Dress Saja 2013 HB6565

 Style HB6565

Credits for 2014 Saja Wedding Collection: 
Wedding Dresses: 
Photographer: Kevin Kunstadt: 
Make Up: Fumi Nagai
Hair: Tomo
Model: Veronika at Ford Model Management
Flower Wreath: Pollux Fleuriste,

Credits for 2013 Saja Wedding Collection:

Photography : Tec Petaja 
 Hair and Makeup:  Jordan Byers
Model: Quinn Lake

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