Floral Dresses for Bridesmaids

Floral Dresses for Bridesmaids

Plum Pretty Sugar Bridesmaid Dresses

Gorgeous floral bridesmaid dresses – so easy to mix and match from Plum Pretty Sugar’s Couture Collection

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing says romance like a gorgeous floral dress, which is perhaps why floral patterned dresses for weddings and bridesmaid dresses are so hot right now.  Always an ideal look for beach or garden weddings, a floral dress has always been a lovely choice  to tie together a range of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Now, mixing these pretty prints is easier  with new lines available from Plum Pretty Sugar and ASOS. If you want a fully floral style, the perfect mix and match has already been done for you with a beautiful array of patterns and prints that perfectly compliment one another. Whether you chose to have all of your maids in these botanical prints or decide to choose one or two to mix in with solid colors, these pretty floral bridesmaid dresses have so much charm!  Here’s a full bouquet of our favorite floral dresses for weddings! Links in italics and in the shop section are from affiliates and sponsors.

Plum Pretty Sugar Floral Bridesmaid Dresses Billy

Plum Pretty Sugar ‘Billy’

Plum Pretty Sugar Bridesmaid Dress Charlie

‘Charlie’ by Plum Pretty Sugar

Off the shoulder floral bridesmaid dress

‘James’ by Plum Pretty Sugar Couture Bridesmaid Collection

Ryan Plum Pretty Sugar floral Bridesmaid Dresses

‘Ryan’ by Plum Pretty Sugar

Mix and match floral bridesmaid dresses by Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar’s new Bridesmaid Collection has perfectly balanced color mixes and styles that make the mix-and-match bridesmaid trend easy to accomplish. (Dress styles are Ryan and Billy)

Floral mismatched bridesmaid dresses Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar’s new Bridesmaid Collection All Plum Pretty Sugar images by Jose Villa .

hot pink floral dress from ASOS bridesmaid

 Pink and White Floral Bridesmaid Dress from ASOS 

Coral floral dresses

ASOS Wedding Prom Dress in Rose PrintMaxi Tea Dress in Rose Print from ASOS

Neutral floral bridesmaid dress

Neutral floral bridesmaid dress from ASOS

Purple floral dress

This purple floral print would mix and match nicely with any of the rich colors found in this print. Digital Bloom Print Dress from ASOS

floral bridesmaid dresses at ASOS

ASOS Weddings Floral Bridesmaid Dresses :1. Notch Bandeau Dress 2. Floral Bardot Dress  3. Floral Midi Prom Dress

Purple floral maxi dress from ASOS

Lilac floral maxi from ASOS Weddings

Amsale floral bridesmaid dress

This floral pink Amsale gown goes perfectly with ‘sister style’ bridesmaid dresses in pink available at Nordstrom. Also available in blue, gray (below) and coral. Printed crinkled silk chiffon dress by Amsale at Nordstrom.

Amsale floral print bridesmaid dress

Printed crinkled silk chiffon ‘Amore’ dress by Amsale at Nordstrom.

Blue floral bridesmaid dress

Donna Morgan ‘Stephanie’ Gown in Blue Floral Print

Pink and white floral bridesmaid dress

Donna Morgan pink floral printed bridesmaid dress

Pleated floral dress by Donna Morgan

The white dress for the bridesmaid trend is growing! One option to mix it up and add color and interest is to dress your bridesmaids in a white floral like this! Donna Morgan Pleated  Garden Floral Print Dress.

The other great thing about this look is that many floral dresses that aren’t specifically categorized as bridesmaid dresses, still work for this trend. Here are more floral dresses for weddings on our shop page.

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